B&R Beurs

Located at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and with over 1,100 members, B&R Beurs is the largest student investment society of Europe, which facilitates investing with real money. The main goal of B&R Beurs is to educate her members about investing and to add extra value to the courses given at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

B&R Beurs does this by hosting (guest-) lectures, workshops and visiting companies within the financial industry. Education wise, we go through six academy tracks in one year, each focusing on a different aspect of the world of investing. To really put their knowledge to the test, members can take part in the Investor Exam, which is based on the materials we teach during the academies. This exam is revised by two notable institutions. Besides this, the members of B&R Beurs can join one of the 36 Investment Groups and compete in the annual Investment Competition. Each group member puts in an amount of money (usually around €300) and together with the Investment Group they start investing in securities. The Investment Group that performs the best during the year wins the Investment Competition. The performances are measured each week by means of a risk adjusted return measure, based on the Modigliani risk-adjusted performance measure.

For more information go to www.bnrbeurs.nl