Because of the social distancing measures in the Netherlands the event is canceled and won’t be rescheduled. We hope to bring the Investment Conference to you next year in 2021!

Investement Conference 2020:

This year’s investment conference will dive into ethical investing and discover how different parties contribute to and profit from this growing phenomenon.

As a result of evolving technology and easy access to information, people are becoming increasingly mindful of their choices. When investing, questions arise such as: Is this company sustainable? Do they include diversity in their workforce? Are their products ethical? The Investment Conference aims to provide insights into the increasing importance of ethics in finance and how you can contribute while still making great returns.

After all individual presentations, from each of our four keynote speakers who will provide deeper insight into the subject, there will be room left for questions from the audience. Finally, there will be an opportunity to talk to each one of the speakers at our free network drink, after the conference.